A goal is a dream with a deadline

- Napoleon Hill

Swiss precision. Miami spice.

Our philosophy is simple. Always deliver quality. Always make the client look great. Being a Swiss company based in Miami, this comes naturally and our commitment to culture and our partners (we refer to our clients as "partners") has helped SWISSLOGIC grow from humble beginnings to now serving small and large businesses all over the world. Our passion for support, happiness and quality flow through everything that we do at SWISSLOGIC.

Our vision at SWISSLOGIC is to build the best and most powerful solutions, and to set the bar for great customer support. In addition to these product and service goals, we have a focus on building one of the most unique and fulfilling workplaces that exist by rethinking many traditional practices that hinder efficiency and effectiveness. We're a fully distributed team which means that we'll be troubleshooting bugs and replying to your questions from around the country. The SWISSLOGIC team works from multiple cities and states (living and working in a place that makes you happy is one of our core beliefs and has stayed with the company since the beginning).

Why Us
If you're trying to run your business as well as all of the marketing, strategy, advertising, etc., you need help. You need a partner that will take the time to understand your business and more importanyl, the challenges you face. You need a company that can focus on increasing awareness of your business offerings online so you can focus on the things you're best at (i.e., running your business). In short, you need SWISSLOGIC.

At SWISSLOGIC, we have over two decades of advertising, branding, develoment, and digital marketing experience. Our team maintains deep knowledge of all things digital (including search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, social media marketing, and more). Our passion for support, happiness, quality and making your business successful flow through everything that we do.

We Believe in Education
It takes time to learn, and more time to stay up to date in the field, as the search engines are constantly changing their algorithms. We keep abreast of these changes. Our staff has earned some of the most difficult certifications to gain (such as Google AdWords).

When you hire us to be your internet marketing company, you get this powerful knowledge base working for you. We also take great pleasure in sharing that knowledge with you. We meet with you regularly to let you know the progress of your digital marketing campaigns, and we will explain to you exactly what we're doing and why. Titles, meta tags, keyword research, negative keywords, A/B split testing, etc. may seem like a foreign language to you but to us, it's our native tongue ... and we're more than happy to translate.

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Miami. The "Magic City".
Exotic beauty in Miami.
Young. Inventive. Different. Miami.
Miami. Pulsating.
Miami. Multicultural, daring, creative.