Web Design

The importance of professional web design

SWISSLOGIC is a professional web development firm based in Miami and known for it's professional web design, eCommerce web development, mobile web development, and web design development. Our web design firm provides custom web development (i.e., mobile web design, web site development, web page development, eCommerce web development, and professional web design as well as other web design studio services) and is the web developer agency of record for various law firms, medical practices, financial companies, retailers, and digital marketing resellers in the U.S. and abroad.

With the amount of competition in the marketplace, having a strong web presence is essential to every business. Clients are smarter than ever and get turned off by poor, unimaginative web design. Web abandonment is your enemy. Your site not only needs to engage the user, but it needs to inform them about your products and services while creating a unique experience. As they say, "First impressions are lasting impressions!"

We can make sure that your website is designed to reach your target audience. If your website doesn't appeal, then it's not doing its job. Your customers are your lifeline. Don't lose them!

Our expert design team will ensure that your website works and is pleasing to navigate. We use the latest technology, such as HTML5, Java, jQuery, Ajax and other programming languages, not just to provide eye candy, but to bolster your corporate image and to improve your standing in the marketplace.

Responsive Design

One day soon, every websites will need to be responsive. Responsive Design is to build web pages that detect the visitor's screen size to change the layout accordingly. Your website will be automatically adjusted to your smart phone, tablet and desktop visitors. We prefer to use the robust framework called Bootstrap. Bootstrap was developed by the good folks of Twitter.

Visual Design

The truth is, most websites are starting to look alike. What sets you apart from the rest is a strong visual presence. We recommend images that are unique, to the point and effective. Our experts have many years of experience combining visual appeal with cutting edge programming.


Some sites are made to sell online, others to be the equivalent of an online brochure. We have helped many companies to integrate back office (database) with eCommerce. We think your website should be seamless with your business. Whatever the purpose, we consult and help you to find the right look, feel and functionality for your target audience.

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