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Managing digital media is hard. SWISSLOGIC is a services and technology company that helps media companies all over the world (hablamos español, falamos português, und wir sprechen Deutsch) monetize their content through campaign management and ad operations services. We can do this on your ad server or through our own. To that point, we also provide hands-on consulting with vendors to help you choose the right ad serving platform for your business’ needs.

We help media publishers (of all sizes) create and manage their processes of selling, trafficking and billing their digital inventory.

Did you know?

According to statistical experts, online advertising will overtake TV advertising in size by 2019. To that point, it's not going to happen without lots of change and the big winners will be those media companies that work strategically and prioritize low-ROI tasks accordingly.

Most of the AdOps managers we asked, spend at least 80% of their day on redundant tasks while only 20% or less is spent on tasks that generate revenue (either directly or indirectly)... so if you want to know how to make a big impact in your digital media business, start outsourcing the menial tasks and free up your AdOps managers for more meaningful work!

According to the CMO Council, the majority of marketers are currently allocating marketing funds to digital content and performance optimization. Now more than ever, you need your "boots on the ground" AdOps managers helping your strategy team find opportunities to position your advertising business for all the new revenue opportunities... not trafficking campaigns.

Why Outsource Your Ad Operations?

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Our AdOps team has a near perfect accuracy rate.

Less errors means less waste which ultimately means more revenue and profits for you, the publisher. The number one reason advertisers gave for moving their business elsewhere was that the publisher trafficking errors.

We free up your AdOps managers to do more revenue-impacting work.

Let's face it, although our functions are uber important, they can be safely classified as low ROI tasks. When we take care of your trafficking and QA tasks, you're able to focus on more strategic high ROI revenue generating projects.

The role of ad operations will become ever more important as ad technology becomes more complex and smart publishers are utilizing ad operations managers for more revenue generating work by outsourcing the low ROI jobs.

Our deep industry knowledge keeps you up-to-date with what advertisers want.

In the race to grab the attention of an ever changing demographic, the advertising business evolves faster than most which means ad technology and methodologies need to as well. Because we're neck deep in the biz, we can help you stay up-to-date with what advertisers want (and are thus willing to spend more money on).

It's important to not only know what's going on in the industry, but to also know the difference between a fad that'll die quickly and a beneficial solution that could make you a leader in your space and will make advertisers want to spend their ad dollars with you.

Finding, recruiting, hiring and keeping ad ops personnel is hard. Hiring SWISSLOGIC isn't.

Recruiting, benefits, taxes, time-off, payroll, office space, computers, personnel issues, training, expenses, management. They're all very real aspects of having an in-house ad operations team. Many publishers find it very difficult to grow or even replace ad operations people let alone hire their first AdOps person.

Do you really want to be dedicating so much valuable energy and resources when over time you could be putting it towards project and tasks that grow revenue?

We provide short-term and seasonal support so you can say "yes" to incremental business!

Seasonal, or incremental, business is great on paper but can wreak havoc on your operations team because although you need help, it needs to be NOW and you really just need immediate short-term help filling in the gaps. We do that!

We can take instructions and follow orders just as well as we can lead and we welcome temporary / seasonal work. We can also manage your advertising operations while you're recruiting and building your team... because the last thing you want to do is rush into a new hire just because you need to get things done today.

Publishers today are saving time and money outsourcing their ad operations to trusted partners.

Let us help you make AdOps profitable

Depending on your needs, we can manage your ad operations from start to finish... that's creative design, to implementation and optimization, all the way through to campaign reallocations and billing. We monitor every aspect to ensure you're on target financially, and with your desired results.

If it's an extension of your existing ad operations and campaign management team that you're needing, we've got you covered as well. Any honest AdOps manager will admit they're tied down by redundant tasks (actually most of every ad operations campaign manager's day is eaten up by work that someone else should be doing; problem is that someone else isn't available to them).

Our expert traffickers have the expertise and know how to quickly and efficiently handle tasks that'll allow your AdOps managers to focus on the more important strategic tasks that will generate more revenue for your media business.

Our Approach

We know different businesses have different needs and what sets SWISSLOGIC apart from other digital media companies is our capacity to adapt to your business’ needs for a truly seamless partnership for all your campaign management needs.


Benefits of using SWISSLOGIC campaign management services include:

  • Dedicated campaign director means you’re always working with a seasoned professional.
  • We know how to get advertisers and sales staff to deliver materials on time.
  • Campaigns start off on the right foot by starting on time and without error.
  • Professional screenshot decks let advertisers know they are advertising with a quality publisher.
  • Regular campaign monitoring and pacing reports flags problems while they can still be resolved.
  • Active campaign optimization yields better results (which creates repeat business).
  • Regular and ad-hoc reporting and timely responses to client requests.
  • Avoid under-deliveries, unscheduled lines, exclusive conflicts, priority issues, etc.
  • Accurate revenue forecasting allows you to make better decisions using real-time projections.
  • Getting the most revenue from your unsold ad space inventory.
  • Your sales staff is able to confidently do what they do best... SELL!
  • Minimal investment over hiring in-house client services, trafficking and AdOps personnel.
  • Advertisers love working with us!

Our media professionals work with the top ad servers and technology providers including:

Working hard and working smart sometimes can be two different things.

- Byron Dorgan

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