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Case study, Al-Farooq engineering

Al-Farooq corporation, AFC, is a premier Engineering firm in Florida. Their expertise in Wind load and risk calculation is second to none. Established in 1982 AFC offers world-class services and unparalleled engineering expertise to the glazing and building products industry. With more than 500 active Miami-Dade County product approvals. Some of their clients include Chrysler building New York, Swatch Group, Hugo Boss, Icon building Miami and many more.


Wind load calculations are affected by a number of factors, such as location, region and distance to the ocean. A manual, laborious approach is required to arrive at the final calculations. Maps need to be studied and compared. Distances measured. Danger categories defined and building structures taken into account. Contractors and builders approach AFC to receive a coveted certificate required by many municipalities. Only with such a certificate is proper security and insurance coverage ensured. As you might know, Florida is a hurricane hotspot and such certifications are the way to go into the future.


For this project we suggested to be hired initially for a feasibility study. Since such a software was never written before we first required intensive Research and development. For instance, part of AFC’s wish list included the software to calculate the distances from any given address to the ocean, at a resolution of 20m.


After we passed our initial studies we presented the proof of concept to AFC. At this point the development of the software commenced with full-fledged features. Today, the project keeps on growing. We added e-commerce, NOA (Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance), features to upload building plans, account creation and lots more.


  • Drastically streamlining the process of creating a certificate
  • Tremendous value for the client
  • Integrated e-commerce facilitates quick payment and direct deposit, eliminating billing issues
  • Prestige for Al-Farooq, a company that sees the value of moving into the cutting edge of technology

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Any details, processes and structures about created software is kept strictly confidential.


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