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Whether it's a website design, corporate image makeover, SEO, web development, E-commerce website, web programming, photography, video, graphic designs or consulting design project we always have our client in mind. Contact us today to ask one of our web designers how we can help you build the right web site for your business. We have helped several companies build websites such as law firms, medical companies, doctors, physicians, clinics, doctor offices, accountants and more!

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In the world of e-commerce, businesses who succeed need well designed websites and stimulating digital content. SwissLogic deliver these through cutting edge design and innovative web-programming. We are renowned for our communication skills and pride ourselves in bringing a project in on time and budget.

Subconsciously humans associate beauty with quality. This is no difference with web design. We love to spend time around visual candy. The secret to a successful campaign is a consistent look. Logo, corporate image and web design need to flow. We have created successful images for fortune 500 companies to small businesses, from California to New York and Miami. The power of images and your image cannot be understated. Our approach is a simple one. We listen to your needs, then study your business and procedures. Our approach is a simple one. We listen to your needs, then study your business and procedures. After this our experienced design, programmer or artistic team suggest ways of taking your project forward.
web design portfolio of Law firms, medical companies, doctors, physicians, clinics, accountants, printing companies and more! Click here.

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We are a one-stop shop for all your web, video, print and presentational needs. All our design elements (including flash, video and product photography) are carried through in-house, ensuring an integrated style of presentation across all platforms.

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Miami Web Design

Our main headquarters is based in Miami. Providing convenient access for Miami based business owners and corporations wishing to meet with us to discuss ideas for their web site. However, we provide excellent customer service via telephone and Internet for our clients based outside of Miami in other parts of Florida and across the United States.

Swiss Web Design

Our European customers are served from our Bӧbikon/AG, near Zurich, Switzerland location.


We realize that web pages should not be static. As we host your website on our servers we can quickly make changes to reflect the way you run your business. On most service plans, our service includes fifteen minutes a month of minor web changes free of charge.

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We believe that web design is an art form. There may be times when it is appropriate to use clip art or webpage templates, but if you want to stand out from the crowd, you need a little more. Having the right graphic can communicate more about your business than any number of generic photographs featuring bland men in suits. We aim for strong, simple, memorable images which leave an impression on viewers and make them want to investigate your company further.

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Whether you need help with usability studies, an e-commerce package, intranet development, web applications or simply a well-designed online presence for your company, our award winning team can provide solutions that are tailored to your needs.

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